Pleasant House Three Oaks is a new family restaurant and microbrewery located in lovely Three Oaks, Michigan. We specialize in Royal PiesTM, our own variety of award-winning savory pies, which Bon Appetit magazine dubbed “British-y pies to die for.” We handcraft all of our own beers on the premises as Pleasant House Brewing Company.

We offer dine in (no reservations/first come, first served) and take out.

The Owner

Art Jackson (Chef/Owner) worked at lauded restaurants such as Les Nomades in Chicago and Fifth Floor in San Francisco before starting his own bakery in Three Oaks, Michigan. Art and Chelsea Jackson have always preferred quality, consistency and customer satisfaction before making profits and have therefore invested in some of the best tools and equipment’s a bakery can have to ensure that their dishes can make their consumers happy.

Every dish is made fresh and served hot straight from the oven so that you can enjoy it when it’s at its best. we do not serve and reheat leftovers as we look to provide our visitors with the best possible dishes.

Our Priorities

Few of the things our consumers have come to expect from Pleasant House Three Oaks are; lower waiting period for their food, taste of the food and hygiene of the restaurant. To meet those expectation, Art and Chelsea have installed some of the best appliances they can to maintain the hygiene of the restaurant. They have achieved this by installing one of the best refrigerators in the market to keep their ingredients fresh, while using the dishwasher to keep their equipment’s and tools clean and safe. They have also invested in Rack Ovens and other cooking equipment’s to ensure food quality is always at its best when served, this also ensures lower waiting period for the consumer.

 Equipments Used

Dishwashers help the bakery keep all its appliances from bake-ware to the sheet pan racks clean from any bacteria that may affect the human body. The dishwasher is essential to maintain the hygiene of the restaurant. If the tools we use aren’t clean then our food is not safe as well, which then affects the consumers, eventually reducing the satisfaction of visiting Pleasant House Three Oaks. Many top chefs  restaurants have called their dishwasher “the unsung hero of the kitchen”.

They have also installed air purifier to help relax their visitors while they wait for their piping hot meal. This also help people who are suffering with breathing issues or have have claustrophobia relax peacefully. This also help set and maintain a relaxing mood in the restaurant which increases the consumers satisfaction which in turn help the restaurant in gaining loyalty from the customers.

Food Safety is one our primary goals along with food quality and customer satisfaction and we therefore ensure that all our chefs, waiters, tools and equipments go through a proper hygiene check before we cook so that our meals does not affect your health.

Most of our dishes, especially our pies are made in the latest models of ovens. This helps us in ensuring that the meals served to you are as close to perfect as they can be. Rack Ovens is one of the equipment that has been bought to provide us with consistency, so that two pies for two different customers have the same flavor, aroma and texture and therefore helps us in providing top quality pies to each and every individual. The rack ovens also have a function of generating steam which is a vital ingredient is making high quality bread and bagels. These ovens are also easy to use, so that none of our chefs waste unnecessary time to serve you your meal. We can also keep up with the trend and provide you a variety of different meals using the same oven.

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 Pleasant House Three Oaks / Pleasant House Brewing Company
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